Hunt Technologies lunches TS1 GE I-210 endpoint

PEQUOT LAKES, Minn., May 9, 2005 — Hunt Technologies, Inc. announced the release of the TS1 GE I-210 endpoint, which integrates Hunt’s automatic meter reading (AMR) technology with the GE I-210à¢â€ž- single phase electronic watt-hour meter.

Hunt Technologies’ TS1 endpoint integrates seamlessly into the I-210 solid-state meter. Using the energy pulse signal from the meter, the endpoint transmits usage and demand data along the power line to the substation where it can be retrieved daily by the utility. As part of an economically scalable TS1 AMR system, the TS1 GE I-210 endpoint also provides quick and reliable system-wide outage detection and restoration notification functions.

“This product combines the features of GE Energy’s newest solid state metering product with a proven power line carrier AMR solution from Hunt Technologies,” said Kevin Fennell, program manager at Hunt Technologies. “This integrated solution will help our customers streamline their AMR deployment process.”

The I-210 meter is available in all standard meter forms for residential or commercial single phase services. Utilities can install the TS1 GE I-210 endpoint themselves or purchase the meter with a factory-installed endpoint. Hunt Technologies also offers TS1 and TS2 endpoints for the polyphase GE kV2c solid-state meter. The TS1 GE I-210 is available to order May 1, 2005.

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Hunt Technologies uses innovative technology to deliver industry-leading automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions to the electric, water and gas utilities market. Based in central Minnesota, Hunt develops and supports hardware and software for more than 450 customers worldwide.

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