Hyatt accumulates $100 million in energy savings

ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2001 – The Hyatt Hotel chain announced today that it had accumulated $100 million in energy savings from its program start in the early 80s.

Hyatt Vice President for Engineering Tom Riegelman spoke on the chain’s efforts at saving energy at a 2001 HITEC meeting in Orlando.

“Hyatt was paying attention to energy usage long before the current problems. In fact, we have $100 million in savings to show for our efforts,” Riegelman said.

“As a twenty-four hour, seven day business, we must maintain a comfortable indoor environment all the time, or our guests let us know. And we must control costs to remain competitive. We know that a critical step in tackling that double challenge – comfort and economy – is to keep all our equipment in top condition all the time. Equipment that is maintained well performs well and performs efficiently.

The hotel chain has used Servidyne’s SCORE® program to manage its maintenance function since the early 80’s and is converting to Servidyne’s next generation product, WinSCORE®. Being able to closely track energy usage and maintenance schedules of important equipment contributed greatly to the chain’s savings, Reigelman said.

The program also provided ways to keep track of labor productivity and maintenance records.

“Our energy savings system wide, as documented by Servidyne, now total $100,000,000. Leadership, teamwork, measurement and energy benchmarking, motivation and follow through are the essentials of a successful conservation program.”

“We’re currently contributing about $10 million annually to our profit line at Hyatt with our energy conservation efforts.”

About Servidyne Systems

Servidyne Systems LLC, a subsidiary of Abrams Industries has, since 1974, helped its customers drive down the cost of owning and operating buildings. The company reduces building energy consumption and maintenance costs by managing equipment maintenance for the highest efficiency and useful equipment life, maximizing labor productivity and providing engineering services.

The company operates nationwide and has a number of international customers. Servidyne has studied in detail more than 300 million square feet of building space. The energy solutions provided by the company have proved highly cost effective. To learn more about Servidyne Systems please visit .

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