Hydrogenics awarded additional military contract for fuel cell power generator

TORONTO, Sept. 21, 2001 – Hydrogenics Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, today announced a contract award by the Department of National Defence Canada (DND) to advance into the next stage of development of its chemical hydride-fueled, portable fuel cell power program.

The use of fuel cells for the powering of military devices has distinct advantages over conventional power technologies, including reduced weight and the ability to operate at zero noise and emissions levels.

This contract award follows Hydrogenics’ successful completion of Phase I of the project that involved the evaluation of a hydrogen supply subsystem and the design of an integrated, hydrogen-fueled PEM fuel cell power generator. Pursuant to the new contract award, Hydrogenics will build multiple 500-watt, compact power generators, designed to charge batteries and directly power applications in the field. Hydrogenics’ proprietary chemical hydride system will generate and store hydrogen for the power generators. The Company expects to deliver the prototype systems by the end of the year.

“The power needs of the military are based on mission critical criteria and, as a result, the military is constantly evaluating ways to improve their existing technologies,” said Pierre Rivard, President and CEO of Hydrogenics. “This contract award is not only an indication of the exciting potential of this technology, but also a clear endorsement of Hydrogenics’ achievements to date. We too are excited about this technology and believe it can be effectively commercialized for use in military and industrial power applications.”

Hydrogenics Corporation (http://www.hydrogenics.com) is a fuel cell technology company focused on the commercialization of proton exchange membrane (“PEM”) fuel cells for clean power generation. Hydrogenics develops and manufactures fully integrated PEM fuel cell test systems, including related peripheral products and associated diagnostic and control equipment.

The knowledge and expertise that Hydrogenics has acquired from the development and manufacture of its fully automated test and control systems is being actively applied to the development of fuel cell power generation products with broad commercial applications. Hydrogenics’ strategy is to exploit energy markets across the transportation, stationary and portable spectrum. Hydrogenics’ head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


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