Industrial Peer-to-Peer forms partnership with Matrikon

CHICAGO, Ill., October 17, 2001 – Industrial Peer-to-Peer LLC (Ip௿½), a wholly owned subsidiary of InStep Software, LLC and developer of the eDNA software solution for the power generation and process industries, today announced a partnership with Matrikon, a provider of Web-based products and optimization software and services for the energy and industrial processing industries.

Under the partnership, Matrikon will offer Ip2’s flagship software product, eDNA, to its international client base, enabling Ip2 to reach more of the world’s power generators and utilities.

Ip2’s eDNA solution improves the access to and utilization of information generated in the power producing process. Critical to sound decision-making in an era of deregulation and increased competition, eDNA helps companies capture, store and analyze vast amounts of data from thousands of source points across one or more plants and substations.

By making this data available in real time, plant managers, operators, engineers and executives can better maintain their equipment and monitor power performance levels. As a result, companies can quickly and easily analyze data for predictive maintenance and forecasting, and react to shifting market conditions.

“Ip௿½’s relationship with Matrikon comes at a time of increased competition, when power companies are recognizing the need for effective decision support tools that help reduce costs and increase efficiency, productivity and profits,” says John Kalanik, president of Ip௿½. “With Matrikon’s reputation the way, our proven eDNA solution will deliver those positive results to more power industry companies than ever before.”

Nils Mann, chief technology officer at Matrikon, says that eDNA provides its product line with a proven solution that is clearly differentiated from others in the utility information management space. “eDNA’s unique and technologically advanced compression technology, online calculation features and versatile licensing fees are what our industrial clients need in today’s competitive marketplace.”

About Matrikon

Matrikon ( is a supplier of industrial IT solutions specializing in Web-based products and optimization software and services to deliver agility to the manufacturing industries. Matrikon is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta with offices throughout North America and employs over 300 people. Matrikon’s client base includes manufacturers requiring agile operations to respond to a rapidly changing market and includes industry leaders in the oil and gas, petrochemicals, cement, utilities, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage processing industries.

About Industrial Peer-to-Peer (Ip௿½)

Industrial Peer-to-Peer (Ip௿½) LLC ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of InStep Software ( Ip௿½ focuses solely on expanding and enhancing the eDNA software product. As a decision support tool, eDNA enables companies in the power generation and industrial manufacturing industries to easily acquire, archive and analyze mountains of historical and real-time data–down to the sub-second–from systems operations sources. As a result, plant managers, engineers, and executives can perform accurate quality control, predictive maintenance and forecasting functions that reduce system shutdowns and equipment failures and increase productivity, efficiency, and revenues.


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