Industry Experts Question Y2K Senate Reports Validity

Industry Experts Question Y2K Senate Report`s Validity

The electricity grid is in good shape to meet the Y2K challenge, according to Bill Richardson, U.S. Energy Secretary. In a speech presented at the National Press Club, Richardson said that despite a recent report from a special Senate Committee saying there could be power outages because of Y2K problems with electricity suppliers` computers, he is confident that there will be no power failures with small or large power companies.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association said the Senate report contained misleading information and that electric cooperatives are on schedule for fixing any computer problems. “We expect to deliver the same reliable service in the year 2000 that we deliver now,” said the group.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) said the latest survey of oil and natural gas companies shows that most firms are in the final stages of updating their computer programs and that 94 percent of the energy companies will complete their work by September 30. The trade group criticized the Senate report for not containing the latest publicly available data on the readiness of oil and natural gas companies. “The nation should not be alarmed by information that is not current,” said the API. n


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