Innoprise Software, Inc.™ announces launch of mobile CIS software

ORLANDO, Fla. and BEND, Ore., May 21, 2004 — Innoprise Software, Inc., an enterprise software company providing solutions for the utility and local government markets, announced the release of mCIS, a mobile Customer Information System (CIS) solution.

mCIS uses wireless peer-to-peer communications to enable real-time data exchange not only between the corporate CIS and service personnel in the field, but also among any connected devices on the network, ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers. The company also announces that Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority of Easley, South Carolina, is the first company to purchase the new mCIS solution.

mCIS is fully integrated with the company’s Innoprise CIS software, which was launched by the company in May, marking the culmination of two years of intense effort to build the next generation standard in platform-neutral, cross-functional enterprise technology. The first such solution that’s based on a Javaà¢â€ž- 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EEà¢â€ž-) service-oriented architecture and a multi-tiered Internet-native architecture, Innoprise CIS offers enterprises the ability to unify customer and financial data and business processes across all departments, divisions and systems, providing a single, consistent view of data — down to the transaction level.

The mobile component of the new Innoprise solution suite, mCIS is communication network independent, allowing customers to use their preferred wireless carrier. mCIS creates a virtual network that enables mobile workers to travel freely within a service territory, directly accessing and interacting with critical CIS data and other field devices and business systems transparently while maintaining data security.

Mobile service order management, e-mail and automated meter reading applications supported by mCIS operate and communicate in real-time when connections are available, and automatically switch to a synchronization or queuing mode if disconnected without disrupting the end-user or requiring special action.

Innoprise mCIS dramatically enhances productivity by enabling field workers to download service orders from the CIS, schedule the work day relative to the workload, update the CIS in real-time with service order status information, query the CIS for additional information, and wirelessly transmit service order completion information back to the CIS office.

An Innoprise customer since 1995, Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority of Easley, South Carolina, has purchased 15 initial licenses of the new software, which will be deployed in July to service personnel using PDA devices as part of a wider-scale phased implementation. With some 37,500 residential, commercial and industrial customers in a three-county service area, Fort Hill expects to benefit strongly from the unique communication architecture of mCIS. “Reliable wireless connectivity is a major problem in our outlying service areas,” explained Keith Burgess, MIS manager for the utility. “Other mobile CIS solutions require a persistent wireless connection.” Because mCIS doesn’t require constant connectivity and automatically synchronizes service order updates whenever a wireless network becomes available, it will improve productivity in service request handling, resulting in enhanced levels of customer satisfaction. “Allowing service personnel to remain in the field managing service orders without returning to the office results in major timesaving for us,” explained Burgess.

About Innoprise Software, Inc.

Innoprise Software, Inc.à¢â€ž- provides enterprise software for the specific business challenges of utilities and local government agencies. For the last two years, the company has teamed with a core group of customers and concentrated all of its resources on developing next generation software for CIS, financial management, community development and work management. The new software is based on 30 years of industry experience, Javaà¢â€ž- and Internet technologies that enable Innoprise customers to reduce their cost of service, streamline operations and improve productivity. For additional information, visit

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