International News: Swiss Utility Implements Control System

SchlumbergerSema, together with Gillam-FEi (a subsidiary of Long Island, N.Y.-based Frequency Electronics), has delivered an innovative electricity distribution control system to the Services Industriels de Geneve (SIG) Utility.

The new energy control system includes powerful network simulation capabilities, which will help SIG optimize transmission and distribution grid operations, and achieve better matching of power generation with consumption demand. It also will help the utility improve the quality of electrical distribution, and simulate and prepare for various recovery scenarios in case of network failures.

The SCADA system includes application programs for efficient power distribution, as well as communication with remote terminal units located in substations and with control centers in other geographic areas.

“Having a single system for the control of both the transmission and distribution networks provides a significant savings in training, operation, maintenance and data engineering,” said Meyer Bengio, SchlumbergerSema’s energy and utilities president. “The fault detection capabilities of the system will not only minimize outage times to improve service quality, but also dramatically speed up decision-making processes.”

SIG provides electricity transmission and distribution services to more than 250,000 residents in the Geneva, Switzerland, area. SIG provides power on a network of 130, 220, 380 and 18 kV lines, and high-voltage and multi-level voltage substations connected to the control system through 17 remote terminal units.

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