Introducing “KSR” Speed Positrol® Fuse Links

S&C is pleased to announce the availability of a new family of high-surge-capacity Positrol Fuse Links designed to fill a market niche not presently served by S&C’s offerings.

With their “extra-slow” time-current characteristics, “KSR” Speed Positrol Fuse Links can be used to protect overhead distribution pole-top transformers and capacitor banks, as well as laterals and taps. They’re interchangeable mechanically — and with respect to time-current characteristics — with fuse links having “KS” and “MS” characteristics.

S&C “KSR” Speed Positrol Fuse Links feature higher adiabatic minimum-melting I2t’s than “faster” speed fuse links (e.g., “K” Speed), so the probability of them operating due to lightning-induced current surges is relatively low, even in high isokeraunic areas. Your crews can mount surge arresters directly on transformer tanks to provide the greatest possible overvoltage protection . . . there’s no need to worry about nuisance fuse link operations.

S&C “KSR” Speed Positrol Fuse Links are available in Universal and Extra-Performance Styles in ratings of 3 KSR through 200 KSR amperes.

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