Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Future Horizons` Storz-PAC 3.0 warehouse and supply room inventory solution makes it possible for data to flow directly from a warehouse worker`s wireless, hand-held computer into an Oracle enterprise database. Storz-PAC`s purchasing-related functions have been upgraded, allowing purchase orders to be received on the shipping dock directly through Storz-PAC 3.0. Users can query open purchase orders for specific stock items found in Oracle Financials through the Storz-PAC software. The user can then issue the requested parts to a field worker, and the data is fed into the Oracle application seamlessly. It also features serialized component tracking, which makes it possible for companies to track individual items or parts within a lot. Additional functionality includes location tracking, enabling users to determine where a stock item sits in the lifecycle, from production and shipping to delivery and warehouse status.

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