iSIGMA announces integration with EC Power as part of their integrated solution package

NORCROSS, Ga., August 22, 2005 — iSIGMA and EC Power have integrated together to deliver a solution that is proving to be successful in the deregulated electric industry. iSIGMA, a leading provider of web based CIS & Billing technology in the energy space, is very pleased to announce this solution to its customers.

iSIGMA has expanded their offerings with their new release of 2.6.4. The new product release and the partnership with EC Power have established a basis for additional business relationships in Texas and 16 other deregulated states.

iSIGMA has an exceptional functionality that is highlighted with their integration with the EC Power solution. In addition to the synergy of a well integrated solution, EC Power brings to iSIGMA: market expertise, technical understanding and keen insight of deregulated markets.

iSIGMA brings best-in-class partnerships to our customers and this partnership gives our customers yet another opportunity to outsource an ASP business model. With exceptional outsourced solutions, our customers can focus on their business and leave the billing and transactions to the experts.

EC Power is a premier electronic transaction and application hosting service provider that has a depth of experience in the energy industry and in large-scale electronic transaction clearinghouses. EC Power assists companies to quickly and cost-effectively exchange electronic transactions in a secure and reliable manner using industry standards.

With our first customer operating smoothly in production, EC Power and iSIGMA have empowered their customers to advance in heightened directions. W Power and Light was the first joint client for iSIGMA and EC Power. With the ease of the integrated systems, and the ease of entry into the Texas market, W Power has brought on many new clients in their first month of operations.

About EC Power

EC Power is an Transaction Service Provider (TSP) that provides data transformation, intelligent transaction routing, and web reporting for the regulated and deregulated energy industry. Founded in 1995, EC Power serves utilities and deregulated retail energy service providers by interconnecting them via the internet with their trading partners.

About iSIGMA

iSIGMA provides enterprise level Customer Information Systems for Municipal, Cooperative and Investor Owned Utilities. You can find more information about them at

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