Itll be an Electric Ride

It`ll be an Electric Ride

Teresa Hansen

Managing Editor

As a trade magazine editor, I receive an enormous amount of mail each day. Some of this mail is useful, much of it is irrelevant to my job, and a portion of it is truly worthless.

I would like to share this e-mail I recently received and let you decide into which category it best fits. The e-mail–Great Things from Deregulation–explains how I, the e-mail`s recipient, can earn a great deal of money in the deregulated electric utility industry. According to the e-mail, I just have to be able to use the telephone and the Internet. The e-mail explains how the electric utility industry is creating a chance for the right people to earn a high six-figure income in 1998. It also touts that deregulation will allow greater competition and lower the cost of electricity from 10 to 40 percent.

The e-mail says that I can earn $100 for every distributor I sign up, plus a residual income every time someone in Missoula microwaves muffins, someone in Boston bakes beans, and that little light goes on in someone`s fridge.

According to the e-mail, this six-figure income will be derived from acquisition fees, training bonuses, monthly residuals on service, bundled service packages, Internet service fees and overrides from distributors. I may even be one of the lucky people who can earn this wonderful income by only working part time.

What`s more amazing is that this opportunity isn`t limited to just a few people. The author of this e-mail is looking for 50 professionals in each state to join the company`s marketing and sales team. In addition, the income structure has already created 70 millionaires in the company. “Join me, it`ll be an electric ride!” the author says.

My main reason for sharing this e-mail with you is not only for your amusement, but to make you aware of some of the erroneous information that is being spread about our industry. As those who are informed about the industry know, the claims made in this e-mail are extremely exaggerated and many are simply not true. I think that we, the industry professionals, need to do our best to make sure that the general public is informed about what is going on in the electric utility industry. By doing so, we may be able to save someone from quitting their real job in order to become one of the many millionaires that are sure to be created by electric deregulation!

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