Itron launches development partner program for MV-90 Enterprise Edition

SPOKANE, Wash., May 13, 2002 — Itron Inc. recently launched of the MV-90 Enterprise Edition Partner Program, providing support for third-party developers working to create applications that complement the company’s newest software package, MV-90 Enterprise Edition.

“One of the great things about MV-90 Enterprise Edition is that, thanks to an XML-based platform, it’s a wide-open system,” said John Smith, vice president of Itron’s Energy Information Systems product group. “That means just about anyone can create applications that operate in tandem with MV-90 EE. The Partner Program puts the considerable technical and marketing knowledge of Itron behind those efforts.”

MV-90 Enterprise Edition is an advanced information exchange server that distributes metering-based data wherever it’s needed for use in a wide variety of energy applications. Using a simple browser-based interface and an XML service layer, MV-90 EE enhances MV-90, the industry standard software for collecting data from commercial and industrial metering points, to simplify advanced load aggregation and share meter data quickly and reliably with a broad range of new and legacy applications.

Itron will continue to publish a free XML documentation package for use by developers. But by participating in the Partner Program, software companies, utilities, manufacturers, service providers and others can tap into Itron’s resources and technical support to design, test and troubleshoot new applications, ensuring that they are ready to interface with MV-90 EE.

The Partner Program offers two levels of participation. Associate Partners receive substantial Itron technical support, including training and consulting. Knowledge Partners get the same level of technical support, plus critical marketing support designed to generate the kind of visibility pioneering software applications require to succeed in the marketplace.

“As a technology and software company, Itron understands that collaboration is absolutely necessary in order for innovation to thrive,” said Smith. “MV-90 Enterprise Edition was created with that idea in mind. The MV-90 EE Partner Program will be a vital community in which innovative companies can more easily develop and promote the next generation of software utilities require to meet critical operational and strategic objectives. We look forward to accomplishing great things with our partners.”

Itron is a technology provider and critical source of knowledge to the global energy and water industries. More than 2,000 utilities worldwide rely on Itron technology to deliver the knowledge they require to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Itron clients use this knowledge to run their businesses more efficiently, reliably and profitably, to strengthen connectivity to their customers, and to meet the new business requirements of deregulated energy markets. To know more, start here:

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