Itron optimizes fixed network installation at Duquesne Light

SPOKANE, Wash., May 27, 2004 – Itron, Inc. announced that it has successfully installed a significant upgrade to its Fixed Network AMR System at Duquesne Light, an investor-owned electric utility in southwestern Pennsylvania, vastly improving the utility’s data collection and processing capabilities.

Duquesne Light’s Genesis Fixed Network, one of Itron’s original Fixed Network AMR installations, has been operational for five years and continues to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers. The most recent upgrade represents a performance improvement, allowing the system to read Itron’s latest ERT technology.

The Itron fixed network at Duquesne gathers advanced metering data from more than a half million residential and commercial customers in the Pittsburgh area. With the new system software in place, Duquesne has seen the network’s average data processing time reduced by 50 to 75 percent. On an average day, that translates into an 8-hour reduction in overall data processing time for Duquesne.

“The Itron Fixed Network here at Duquesne Light has proven itself to be a key asset in helping us meet key operational and strategic objectives in Pennsylvania’s restructured energy market,” said Bob Green, manager of AMR and Data Collection Systems at Duquesne Light. “Working in close partnership with Itron, Duquesne Light has been able to successfully leverage the value of the fixed network and the data it delivers to areas beyond customer billing such as distribution operations, outage management, risk management, and customer care.”

With the system upgrade now in place, the Itron Fixed Network at Duquesne is also now capable of gathering data from advanced solid-state meters equipped with Itron 50ESS ERTs. This allows more advanced metering for the utility. Thus far, Duquesne has installed approximately 17,000 50ESS ERTs on meters serving commercial and industrial accounts.

“It was more than five years ago that Itron completed installation of its first-generation fixed network at Duquesne Light,” said Doug Staker, Itron’s vice president of AMR solutions. “Since that time, we have worked continuously in partnership with Duquesne to optimize performance and expand the capabilities of the network so that it continues to deliver strong value to Duquesne and its customers.”

About Itron

Itron is a technology provider and critical source of knowledge to the global energy and water industries. More than 2,800 utilities worldwide rely on Itron technology to deliver the knowledge they require to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Itron delivers value to its clients by providing industry-leading solutions for meter data collection, energy information management, demand side management and response, load forecasting, analysis and consulting services, transmission and distribution system design and optimization, web-based workforce automation, C&I customer care, enterprise and residential energy management. To know more, start here:

About Duquesne Light

Duquesne Light, a leader in providing electric energy to a variety of customers, including other utilities and 580,000 direct customers in southwestern Pennsylvania. For more than a century, Duquesne Light has been in the forefront of the electric energy market, with a history rooted in technological innovation and superior customer service. Today, the company continues in its role as a leader in the transmission and distribution of electric energy, providing a secure supply of reliable power throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

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