Jaker Engineering releases economic analysis software for stranded gas well power generation

Elmira, NY, Jan. 27, 2006 — Jaker Joules SG provides indication of the potential return for a power generation platform at an under-producing gas well to recover well-drilling costs. The software tool delineates pertinent energy input variables, provides default values to start and limits adjustment to a typical range. Variables such as heat content, system size and unit cost can be individually changed. Response is instantaneous.

The Jaker Joules SG display has dials, arrows and sliders which allow a user to adjust project variables. Text and gauge outputs show gross and net revenue as well as construction costs and project payback. The analytical tool also converts revenue from market power sales to the associated wellhead gas price.

Projects in the 1 to 3 Megawatt size range can often show a simple payback of 3 to 4 years, said Jack Perkins, founder of Jaker Companies.

While these return numbers may not excite investors in speculative drilling, they have merit for third-party investors who are willing to glean the gas fields for energy-based investments, said Jaker Engineering in a recent press release. Investment in stranded gas power generation can be more secure because electrical energy is completely convertible. Also, with Jaker’s approach; upwards of 70% of capital investment is recoverable in the event that gas well flow abruptly stops.


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