JCMB releases new version of automated mapping software for utilities

Montreal, Quebec, April 12, 2002 — JCMB Technology Inc., a provider of software and services for electric, gas and water utilities, announces the availability of Adele à¢â€ž-, version 2.7.

This new release provides enhanced usability through Point of Service plug-ins, Embedded Network Diagram, improved graphics support, increased maintenance and conversion efficiency, and improved file exporting capabilities.

Adele, JCMB’s flagship automated mapping software, was developed to assist utilities in effectively establishing and maintaining the connectivity of their distribution networks. The built-in data verification functions of the product ensure the accuracy and inter-relationship of the model.

The product’s database structure has been designed specifically for the utility industry ensuring a fully connected data model and a precise behavior. Adele enables utilities to reduce the cost of building their model while increasing its accuracy and quality. The distribution network model is a prerequisite for all of the applications required by distribution operation.

“Modeling the behavior of your network is easier than ever with Adele v.2.7,” said Yvan Chaine, Adele Product Manager, at JCMB Technology. “This release provides greater accuracy, improved efficiency and flexibility within a customizable environment. The manner in which a user captures and maintains geo-referenced and network information is greatly enhanced with Adele v.2.7”.

A utility’s Point of Service, a dynamic link between a customer information record and a device, is in constant evolution. Device replacement, new construction addition and CIS updates are only a few of the variables that a utility company must deal with. The information supplied by the software’s Point of Service feature enables a utility company to easily and efficiently elaborate customer planning and development strategies with increased precision and detail.

The Adele Point of Service Package includes two plug-ins-a Point of Service Query (PSQ) as well as a Point of Service Link (PSL). These plug-ins allow a utility company to search and retrieve specific customer information and select the source and/or load node. Links are then automatically generated. Query results are automatically displayed in a fully configurable dialog box.

In addition, users have the ability to visualize the connected network surrounding any point of interest. In a connected model, the Point of Services plays a predominant role when implementing an outage management system. For example, if an outage is detected for a specific section of the distribution network, this feature will enable the utility company to know precisely how many customers are affected.

The Embedded Network Diagram enables users to define the internal connectivity model of a device, using a symbology library. It is particularly effective in allowing utilities to generate a detailed connectivity model for substations or pumping stations, which is maintained using JCMB’s Virtual Link Node technology.

The embedded network diagram has been designed to ensure that a link and the connectivity is present between schematic diagrams and geographical network distribution maps, allowing utility companies to trace any part of the network.

Adele v.2.7 now provides improved support of bit-maps such as aerial photographs. The software also provides utility companies with the ability to create standard templates for the internal definition of a device, such as a vault and customer-owned installations, among others. Once the template has been created, it can be reused as a base design and refined to reflect the “real-world” behavior of a device.

Adele XP, the software’s file exporting technology, now allows users to extract information from a selected area, on a network-type (Electric, Gas or Water) basis. For example, if a user exports a module of a particular user-defined area, work will not be interrupted.

About JCMB Technology
JCMB Technology (www.jcmb.com) provides innovative software technologies and services to the Electric, Gas and Water Utility industry. Established in 1995, JCMB has extensive experience in implementing Outage Management System applications, Network Modeling and Mobile Computing Systems. JCMB specializes in data preparation and conversion, focusing on distribution network data accuracy and connectivity. For more information, visit JCMB’s web site at http://www.jcmb.com.

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