J.D. Power and Associates and Metzler & Associates to Survey Electric Utility Customers

J.D. Power and Associates and Metzler & Associates to Survey Electric Utility Customers

J.D. Power and Associates and Metzler & Associates have formed an alliance to conduct the energy utility industry`s first annual independently funded survey of customer satisfaction. The initial survey, scheduled to be released in Summer 1999, will be the only standardized measure of satisfaction that covers residential consumers for the largest 100 electric utility companies in the United States. Results from this study will allow these companies to drive continuous quality improvement efforts and to improve overall performance.

“By combining J.D. Power and Associates` skill in using the `voice of the customer` to drive change within an industry and Metzler & Associates` experience and intimate understanding of the energy industry, we have created a powerful force for meeting one of the most critical information needs of an industry on the eve of deregulation,” said J.D. Power III, J.D. Power and Associates` chairman and founder.

J.D. Power and Metzler are currently in the process of soliciting energy utilities interested in becoming charter members in the study. The charter members will help ensure that the survey provides the industry with the most complete and actionable set of information possible. In return for their input, these members will receive a preview of how each of the 100 companies performed in the survey prior to its public release. The largest 100 electric utilities cover 90 percent of all residential customers in the United States.

“The hallmark of today`s energy utility industry is change. New market entrants, evolving regulation, new combinations of providers, customers and services are all emerging at a rapid pace,” said James Ruprecht, Metzler & Associates` president. “Energy utilities that best understand their customers and their needs will be in position to gain a competitive advantage in the years ahead.”

For further information on this program or on how to become a charter member, contact Jeff Conklin, Metzler & Associates at 847-945-0001 or Mark Rees, J.D. Power and Associates at 805-480-3155.

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