Just Page Me

Just Page Me

Gerardo Fernandez Rivery,

Latin America

I was reading your article, “Communications Technologies Critical to Competitive Marketplace Survival,” (May/June `97) and I noticed, to my dismay, that you did not cover paging as a viable, secure and low-cost communication technology for the industry.

I am hopeful that you can take a few moments to visit our web site (www.pagetap.com) and review what we do. I think you will be as excited as Public Service Co. of Colorado (commercial load management and real-time pricing), Central Vermont Public Service (electric load control using Landis & Gyr meters), Carolina Power & Light (capacitor control project in negotiations) and a Brazilian utility (capacitor bank project in negotiations).

David Nolan, Denver, Colo.

Arriva for the Revolution

I am very pleased with your editorial comments in “Let`s Talk About A Revolution” (May/June `97). I also think that it is important to talk about revolution. Your publication has been a great help to many of us (in South America), such as the technicians who can only dream of using the most advanced technology … and it`s not a crime to at least aspire to have this technology in our hands soon. Sooner or later, our country will be leaving the technological backwardness that we possess, and making progress towards future technological advancements. Automation is of vital importance for any economy. At this time, we are planning to install PLCs to increase the efficiency of our operations. Utility Automation has offered us a great amount information in this area, and has helped us plan (and dream) of future developments. Thank you for the dedication from your whole team!


The main photograph used for the July/August Utility Automation cover is courtesy of HTA Industries.

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