Kema serves growing demand for T&D reliability services

BURLINGTON, MASS., June 17, 2004 — M.L. Chan. Ph.D. and Yi Hu, Ph.D. recently joined KEMA as consultants with KEMA. The highly experienced engineers will support transmission and distribution clients in enhancing service reliability.

KEMA is continuing to actively expand its T&D consulting practice in the North American market to meet the growing utility industry demand for T&D technical and management support services. KEMA’s goal is to further leverage its international expertise in the T&D field and provide North American clients with strategic consulting services including asset management support, power network design and analysis, and substation projects.

Drs. Chan and Hu, both industry-recognized utility engineers and consultants, join KEMA’s team of highly experienced energy industry specialists who have worked closely with utilities and vendors throughout North America and worldwide.

Dr. M.L. Chan, Senior Principal Consultant – Dr. Chan brings to KEMA over 28 years of broad experience in major electric utility issues including T&D system planning, design and operations, energy service delivery, and the associated business operations.

With a focus on service reliability, Dr. Chan will guide utilities in developing optimal expansion plans that include the use of distributed resources; ensuring power system stability; designing system protection schemes with IEDs, digital relays and circuit breakers; and developing asset management strategies including substation automation and automatic meter reading (AMR)

Dr. Yi Hu, Principal Consultant – Dr. Hu brings to KEMA over 19 years of experience in the areas of power system protection and control. Utilizing his experience in development and testing of new digital protection system, Dr. Hu support protection relay testing activities within KEMA.

His experience includes working with EMTP and MATLAB tools. He has also worked on a number of projects including resonance protection for IED controlled capacitor, EdF adaptive protection study for parallel and short lines, online CT saturation compensation, adaptive transmission line/transformer protection, impact of series compensation capacitor installation on existing relay systems, advanced generator protection, distribution network fault location.

KEMA is recognized worldwide for its transmission and distribution technical consulting and asset management services. As the industry’s most experienced and independent technology and asset management consulting firm, KEMA offers a wide range of expertise focused on helping utilities design, extend and maintain T&D infrastructure efficiently and cost-effectively.

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About KEMA

KEMA is an independent company with an international reputation for high-level technical and management consultancy, testing, inspections and certification for businesses in the energy industry, assisting more than 500 clients in more than 70 countries. Headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands with subsidiaries and offices worldwide, KEMA employs more than 1,500 full-time professionals and leading experts in many facets of the energy utility industry. Founded in 1927, KEMA serves the complete spectrum of participants in the energy marketplace and offers a full complement of services supporting generation through the consumer side of the meter. KEMA’s North American business operations are headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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