KorTerra Software Version 3.8.0 Released

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., June 3, 2005 — KorTerra, Inc. announced details about its newest version release, KorTerra Version 3.8.0. This version includes major enhancements to four of KorTerra’s seven modules: Dispatch, Billing, Claims Management, and Mobile.

Three of the most significant and beneficial changes to this version include: the addition of the KorTerra Mapping module, a Custom Operations Report and Context Sensitive Help.

The new KorTerra Mapping module is called the KorTerra Dispatch Viewer. The KorTerra Dispatch Viewer simplifies the load-leveling and dispatching process. This mapping functionality allows users to display selected tickets on one map for a visual representation of the work to be performed. KorTerra Dispatching functions can also be performed from the map. These functions include: View, Send, and Transfer for each individual ticket or a group of tickets. From this map users also have the ability to select and zoom into areas of the map.

For 3.8.0 a report was added to help organizations ensure they are pulling and viewing key information that is pertinent to their operations called the Custom Operations Report. Users are able to select and view key information from a list of different criteria. The criterion comes from the information collected from KorTerra Dispatch, KorTerra Payroll and KorTerra Claims modules.

By combining the information from the three different KorTerra modules, users are able to compile critical information used to run their business in one completely customizable report. Some of the statistics and information available to analyze include: locates per hour, payroll hours, and damage ratios. This report not only has content that is customizable, but also has completely customizable formatting to deliver the information users need in a format that is easiest for them to comprehend.

For the ability to access Help at any time, Context-Sensitive Help was added to Billing, Claims Management, Herald Client, and Mobile, as well as Dispatch. This feature allows users to press F1 or click the Help menu to bring up the relevant Help topic for the screen they are currently in.

Other significant enhancements to the software for this version include:

* The KorTerra Reports Scheduling function is a tool that automatically runs reports on a schedule that is defined by a user. It compiles and disperses the report(s) to the proper staff according to user preferences (i.e. through email, printed, faxed, or saved to a file). For this version, 5 additional reports now have the functionality to be scheduled.

* Each KorTerra customer has different billing procedures and processes. A Custom Invoice Report has been added to KorTerra Billing which provides our customers with the flexibility they need to pull the pertinent invoicing information that is required by their clients.

* For accurate time and materials billing, KorTerra Mobile will now have a timer that records the time spent performing a locate. The timer will start at the arrival and end when the locate is completed. This information will help the locator enter accurate data for time and material type locates.

Version 3.8.0 reflects modifications and improvements to 10 different One Call Center Interfaces.

“Version 3.8.0 brings a lot of new functionality to our customers. What sets this version apart from previous versions is the flexibility it brings our customers,” said Jeff Law, Product Manager, “After 15 years in this industry we understand that organizations within the locating industry all operate differently. This version allows organizations to pull information based on their needs and tailor information specific to their requirements.”

About KorTerra, Inc.

Since 1990, KorTerra, Inc. has developed mobile computing and workforce management solutions for the utility industry. They have worked with major utilities, contract locators and municipalities to develop a variety of Utility Workforce Management systems. The software effectively manages on-time response, management reporting, positive response, and keeps track of locating team performance in a real-time, mobile and paperless environment.

KorTerra also has ASP services; capabilities that allow KorTerra to host the software on their servers with customer access to the application via the internet. KorTerra software interfaces to over 51 One Call Centers and is currently used by over 75 customers with 3,000 mobile locator technicians. Today, over 20,000,000 tickets are managed by the KorTerra application annually.


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