Kuhlman Electric Corp. announces new B2B ecommerce platform for electrical utilities

VERSAILLES, Ky., July 25, 2001 – Kuhlman Electric Corp., a designer and manufacturer of electrical transformers for utilities and other users of electric energy since 1894, announced today that they have successfully implemented the second phase of a multi-faceted and wide-ranging eCommerce initiative designed to enable their customers to take maximum advantage of the latest technologies in Supply Chain Management (SCM) and eProcurement processes.

The company’s cutting-edge Web site at www.kuhlman.com now offers a host of powerful, secure and customizable eCommerce and collaborative applications which will allow the site to become the single online entry point for Kuhlman customers to gain quick and efficient access to the company’s diverse lines of transformer products and services. On March 15th of this year, Kuhlman successfully implemented the first phase of the initiative by launching a completely re-designed corporate Web presence, which included a bold new look as well as advanced integration and catalog capabilities beyond the traditional “brochureware” previously in place.

Kuhlman is also currently proactively involved in the major utility industry Web-based exchanges as a participating Supplier Vendor with both Pantellos and Enporion, as well as with public power’s Utility Frontier.com and several other vertically aligned marketplaces such as VerticalNet.

“The investment we have made in our eBusiness platform positions the company for the future,” said John Zvolensky, Jr., President and CEO of Kuhlman Electric Corporation. “This new platform gives us the opportunity to provide both our strategic and individual customers with additional procurement functionality and value-added services through the application of efficient Web-based technologies.”

“In response to many of our customers’ previously identified trends towards eCommerce initiatives and their participation in Web-based exchanges and marketplaces within our industry, Kuhlman has been very proactive in response to these new market dynamics and has made significant investments in our eCommerce capabilities and Internet-enabled technologies,” said Greg M. Power, Vice-President of eBusiness for Kuhlman. “These investments include many of the time and cost-saving features inherent to the design of our new Web site platform, which allows our customers unprecedented access to their product ordering information and account histories while very effectively streamlining the entire transactional and procurement process, thereby significantly reducing their associated SCM costs.”

“Just as strategic sourcing has been the marketing pillar of Kuhlman’s successful growth strategy in the nineties, so Kuhlman management, with the advice of its strategy consultants and its own eBusiness team, believes that success in the current decade will depend on how well we execute our eBusiness strategies in this new market environment,” added Power. “Previously, we have impressed customers with our overall `net readiness,’ and key customers have expressed great satisfaction with our prior use of their secure, private `extranet’ hubs which we developed to enhance and enable customer service and support. With this powerful new Web platform we will continue to further develop and enhance the extranet private exchange model to increase customer collaboration, communication and cooperation.”

About Kuhlman Electric Corporation

Kuhlman Electric Corporation, founded in 1894, is a manufacturer and designer of medium power, distribution, and instrument transformers for electrical distribution systems serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout North America and around the world. The company, headquartered in Versailles, Kentucky, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Carlyle Group, a premier, global private equity firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. Kuhlman employs approximately 700 people in its two manufacturing facilities located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi and Versailles, Kentucky.

Kuhlman Electric Corporation has built a solid professional reputation with over 100 years of providing quality transformer products and services to North American electrical utility and industrial customers.

For more information, please contact Greg Power, Vice President of eBusiness, at gregp@kuhlman.com, or visit the company’s Web site at www.kuhlman.com.

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