KWI elected to National Energy Marketers Association’s executive committee

HOUSTON, Texas, June 25, 2002 — KWI, a global supplier of risk management and energy trading software, is the newest member of the National Energy Marketer Association’s (NEM) Executive Committee, bringing its knowledge of risk management systems to the association’s member base of more than 500 individuals and 70 corporations.

NEM’s Executive Committee recruits a limited number of leading companies with industry expertise to assist the association, state and federal governments, consumer groups and utilities to develop fair and effective ways of implementing the competitive restructuring of natural gas and electricity markets within the earliest practical timeframe.

“KWI was nominated to NEM at the Executive Committee level in order to work strategically with the association and other key industry players to shape deregulation policy,” said Thomas (Trip) M. Ray III, president and general manager, KWI North America. “We believe in open markets, and as states continue to deregulate, we can lend our guidance to ensure sound risk management practices among fellow members of NEM.”

Currently, NEM is working with leading energy and utility companies to establish a code of conduct that will address the myriad of credit, risk and financial issues facing the energy industry. NEM’s Risk Valuation, Management and Financial Accountability Task Force is spearheading the effort, with KWI as a key participant. The task force presented its preliminary findings at the association’s Annual Meeting and National Restructuring Conference in Washington, D.C. on June 20 and 21.

“Members of our NEM Executive Committee are required to have a thorough understanding of the complex issues involved in restructuring energy markets,” said Craig Goodman, president of National Energy Marketers Association. “KWI has demonstrated its capacity for leadership throughout the deregulation of European markets and during deployment of risk management and energy trading software systems for key energy companies in North America. This competency will be a valuable asset to our organization.”

KWI is a supplier of energy risk management and trading systems for generators, merchants, traders, distributors and retailers. The company has been involved in competitive power and gas markets since their inception. Through global market knowledge, KWI has developed a fully integrated front-to-back office suite of products that enables any energy trading organization to manage its portfolio to maximum advantage and ensure transparent risk reporting.

KWI created its flagship product, kW3000, to specifically meet the changing needs of global energy markets. The software, which incorporates the most sophisticated risk methodologies and analytics, can be tailored to suit specific needs, including the requirements of a multi-commodity trader in a single system, providing users with competitive advantage.

More than 50 global energy companies already benefit from KWI’s software, counsel, project management and round-the-clock support in more than 20 countries worldwide, to operate efficiently and maximize market opportunities. KWI has global operations, with headquarters and development centers in London, Houston and Boise, and international offices in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Sydney and San Francisco.

The National Energy Marketers Association (NEM) is a national, non-profit trade association representing wholesale and retail marketers and consumers of energy, telecom and financial-related products, services, information and related technologies throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K.

NEM’s membership includes wholesale and retail suppliers and users of electricity and natural gas, independent power producers, suppliers of distributed generation, energy brokers, power traders, and electronic trading exchanges, advanced metering and load management firms, billing and information technology providers, credit, risk management and financial services firms, software developers, clean coal technology firms as well as energy-related telecom, broadband and Internet companies.

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