Large real estate company enrolls in PowerPay! New York energy conservation program to help grid

New York, NY, Aug. 12, 2008 — Atco Properties & Management (Atco), a large real estate company based in New York City, has enrolled several of their commercial buildings in an energy conservation program known as “PowerPay! New York” in an effort to reduce blackouts and brownouts across New York State.

PowerPay! New York, a demand response program administered by Energy Curtailment Specialists Inc. (ECS), will pay Atco for cutting back on electricity in select areas of their properties throughout New York City. Atco’s commitment to reduce during a declared emergency situation is considered a capacity resource, which comes with a significant payment.

When the electric grid is forecasted to be unstable, ECS will notify Atco in advance, and they will respond by reducing lighting, pre-cooling the A/C, and shutting down elevators and other non-critical equipment.

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