Lets Talk About a Revolution

Let`s Talk About a Revolution

Teresa Hansen

Senior Editor

As Utility Automation celebrates its second birthday, the magazine, just like the market it covers, continues to grow and change. My appointment as the newest senior editor for Utility Automation resulted from this growth. Thanks to our readers` and advertisers` support, as well as PennWell`s commitment to the expanding utility automation market, I have been given the opportunity to cover the ever-changing utility and technology markets. Most of you are aware that utility deregulation is a revolutionary event responsible for many of the changes and much of the growth taking place in the utility automation market. However, technology advancements have greatly impacted market growth as well. Without these advancements, industry deregulation would surely be taking place at a much slower pace.

At a conference I attended late last year, Don Tapscott, author of the book “Paradigm Shift,” spoke about a fundamental change taking place with information technology`s use in American business. He said we are in the early days of an information technology revolution comparable to the revolution created by the printing press invention. According to Tapscott, information technology is not only changing the way Americans obtain knowledge and conduct business, it is changing our entire economy. That statement certainly holds true in the utility industry. Besides allowing utilities to adjust to deregulation, information technology advancements are also enabling utilities to make choices about their future business objectives. Today`s wise utilities realize that technology can change, not just improve, their current business practices.

My goal as a Utility Automation editor is to provide you with information that will aid you when making those difficult choices that are so important to your companies` success, as well as your own. I am extremely pleased to be a part of the Utility Automation staff and look forward to my involvement in the utility industry/information technology revolution. Please feel free to let me know how Utility Automation can help you succeed during this revolution.

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