LODESTAR software supports FERC and regional market guidelines

Peabody, MA, Mar. 3, 2006 — LODESTAR Corp. announced that it will provide the LODESTAR Customer Choice Suite (CCS) to support Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Standard Market Design Guidelines for U.S. ISOs/RTOs and to support regional guidelines for markets like PJM Interconnection, California ISO, and others.

LODESTAR will reconfigure its product solutions to fully satisfy new market rules as part of its standard product support and maintenance fees. LODESTAR’s load profile and settlement clients include: ERCOT, MISO, SPP, and more than 40 regulated distribution companies that provide services to competitive energy markets.

The flexibility of LODESTAR software allows for rapid and economic software changes to support specific market rule changes at any level of detail for any market participant, says the company. When those changes occur, as part of LODESTAR’s Maintenance Support, the company will enhance and provide Configuration Support for clients in time to comply with any FERC and regional market rules.

The LODESTAR ISO/RTO Market Solution provides all of the features required by ISO/RTOs. Also provided is a single data repository for all market data and market rules with the ability to rerun market settlement and billing operations as often as necessary and in any time constraints.

Specific to the ISO/RTO solution is a new reporting and publishing architecture that will be available for use by all LODESTAR CCS products. The new software called LODESTAR ReportingExpert Publication Extension (LRPE) will be provided as an extension to LODESTAR Energy Information Platform (EIP), which is used and shared by all LODESTAR CCS products. It will leverage features of EIP, including the existing reporting framework, web browser-based GUI, security for both application features and data, process and report scheduling, and work queues.

The reporting management functionality is designed to provide ISOs/RTOs with an interactive console to monitor statuses of report data and authorize publication of individual reports. This console will allow internal users to specify automated, table-driven data approval and report publishing rules so that reports can be provided to both internal users and external market participants as soon as all associated upstream processes have successfully completed. Any changes to the data, or the related calculations that affect any settlement reports, will be automatically routed through the system for reviews and approvals prior to publishing the updated reports.

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