Logica delivers integrated work management solution to San Antonio

HOUSTON, Texas, March 19, 2002 — Logica announced Tuesday that its integrated Work Management Information System (WMIS) is in full production at City Public Service of San Antonio (CPS).

CPS serves over 600,000 electric and gas customers and is among the largest municipally owned utilities in the US.

In support of a corporate-wide automation strategy, CPS is using the latest version of Logica’s WMIS to streamline business processes for its electric distribution and gas business units, reduce operational costs, and improve customer service throughout its service territory. WMIS enables CPS to share important information with related corporate systems, maximize the use of existing resources and allow the utility to address customer requests in a more timely manner.

According to Tracy McCuan, CPS’ project manager, “WMIS uses pre-developed standards and maintains accounting and time reporting information that improves and streamlines our operations. By tracking and analyzing the required information and distributing it across the enterprise, WMIS provides the ability to make, track and meet customer commitments, which is a vital component in shaping the responsiveness CPS must have to meet our customers’ expectations. In addition to leveraging the WMIS functionality, integrating WMIS with SAP and our other information systems has proven extremely valuable.”

CPS uses WMIS to design, estimate, schedule, track and report on labor and material costs for a variety of jobs. The system supports gas & electric distribution processes including new construction, service order management, service restoration and preventive & correction maintenance. As part of the first phase of CPS’ Business Information System (BIS) project, Logica interfaced WMIS with other information systems including SAP’s Financial Information System (SAP R/3) & Materials Management System (SAP R/3), and Bentley’s GIS. The remaining BIS modules will go live in July, 2002, when SAP’s utility industry solution customer information system (IS/U-CCS), Generation Preventive Maintenance portion and BIS interfaces to other key systems will come online.

“CPS’ BIS project is another example of the utility industry’s desire to integrate business solutions like WMIS to reduce operational costs and to provide better customer service in a more competitive environment,” notes Jim Cypert, Logica’s executive vice president of energy & utilities. “We are pleased to have the two of the largest municipally owned utilities in the US – CPS and LADWP – as part of our WMIS family. Partnering with Logica helps utility companies achieve operational excellence as the industry continues to evolve.”

About City Public Service of San Antonio (CPS)
CPS is one of the nation’s largest municipal utilities and serves more than 560,000 electric customers throughout its 1,566 square mile service area, and about 302,000 natural gas customers in the urban San Antonio area. Purchased in 1942 by the City of San Antonio, CPS provides reliable, low-cost energy and energy-related services for San Antonio and the surrounding area.

About Logica
Logica (LOG.L) is a global solutions company providing management and IT consultancy, systems integration, products, services and support. Logica’s clients operate across diverse markets including energy and utilities, telecoms, financial services, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector. More information can be found at www.logica.com.

Logica in Energy & Utilities
Logica’s Energy & Utilities organization operates globally to provide consultancy, systems integration, products and solutions, project management and outsourcing services to the energy and utilities industry. In North America, Logica’s Energy & Utilities Division is located in Houston, Texas. More information can be found at www.us.logica.com.


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