Logica releases new enterprise application integration product for utility market

HOUSTON & LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 1, 2002 — Logica announced its new generation of IMFPlus for the energy and utilities industry. IMFPlus, Logica’s advanced solution for enterprise application integration (EAI) provides a low risk, “future proof” and flexible integration and operations backbone for creating a single environment from current and future systems and applications.

This comprehensive solution represents a breakthrough in EAI and provides a package of benefits that make it truly unique. Using a pre-built interoperability suite, IMFPlus enables disparate applications to interact with each other, and lays the framework that insulates any business service from application and system changes. It also enables management, monitoring and measurement of the performance of IT systems, applications and overall service. In addition, IMFPlus provides tools and products that enable combining these IT metrics with the business metrics that the enterprise uses to measure overall business performance.

At AEP, the company’s customer choice integration model was built on the first generation of Logica’s IMF architecture, and the benefits AEP is realizing from this IMF implementation further underscores the value of Logica’s approach. Jeff Laine, AEP’s Director of Customer Choice Operations, commented that, “Our IMF-based integration model provides us with the capability to rapidly deploy the components of integration. Like many utility organizations, AEP wanted an integration approach that was capable of absorbing all the complexities that arise from continuous integration due to deregulation and mergers. The IMF foundation provided by Logica addressed this critical concern and allows us to easily add and delete applications as our business requirements change.”

IMFPlus is powered by technology from both Logica and its solution partner, Candle Corporation. It combines Logica’s utility domain integration expertise and pre-defined, industry specific application templates with Candle’s Roma technology, OMEGAMON products and the eBusiness Assurance Network (eBAN) offering. This combination facilitates rapid deployment of proven technology, and enables a utility to make maximum use of their existing IT infrastructure when implementing Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

According to Jim Cypert, Logica’s Executive Vice President for the Energy and Utilities Division, “The Logica-Candle partnership provides the perfect match. It enables us to provide a solution that empowers utilities to improve efficiency, reduce current costs, increase business flexibility, and reduce future IT implementation costs. The ability to measure IT performance from a business perspective as well as an IT perspective is unique in our industry”.

“Candle is pleased to be part of the Logica team,” commented Dave Caddis, Candle’s Vice President, Business Services Management. “Our partnership provides a tremendous opportunity to leverage our proven technology and meet the needs of the rapidly changing energy and utilities market. Since many of the components of IMFPlus are pre-built, implementation is rapid and the benefits of enterprise wide integration and performance measurement are quickly realized — IMFPlus is truly the integration solution of the future.”

Candle and Logica will showcase the IMFPlus technology at two industry trade shows – Distributech (February 27-March 1), an international conference on information technology associated with distribution automation, competitive business strategies, and customer satisfaction; and GITA (March 17-20), an educational event for professionals involved in geospatial information technologies.

About Logica
Logica is a global solutions company providing management and IT consultancy, systems integration, products, services, and support. For more information, visit www.logica.com.

Logica in Energy & Utilities
Logica’s Energy & Utilities organization operates globally to provide consultancy, systems integration, products and solutions, project management and outsourcing services to the energy and utilities industry. In North America, Logica’s Energy & Utilities Division is located in Houston, Texas. More information can be found at www.us.logica.com.

About Candle Corp.
Candle Corp. is the systems management and business solutions company. Through its software and services, Candle helps companies to manage the performance and availability of critical information technology systems and business applications, as well as build and integrate enterprise and e-business applications. For more information, visit www.candle.com.

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