Luxtron releases display version of ThermAsset fiber optic transformer winding temperature monitor

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Luxtron Corporation, a provider of field-proven hot spot monitoring solutions for T&D transformers, announced release of a new version of its ThermAsset® fiber optic transformer winding temperature monitor that includes an onboard readout. This display version of the ThermAsset® was first shown at the Techcon® conference in La Jolla, CA this week.

“Since releasing the ThermAsset® monitor just last April, we’ve seen tremendous interest by transformer OEMs looking for a cost effective way to incorporate fiber optics into their smaller transformers, all the way down to 25MVA,” states Edwin Oh, Luxtron’s CEO. “One major Asian OEM is in the final stages of making it a standard part of their control scheme and several others are actively evaluating it. What has really surprised us is how rapidly it has been adopted by utilities, which have jumped at the chance to gain the benefits of fiber optic hot spot monitoring at half the previous cost. From the utilities, the most common request we kept getting was for a display. We are pleased to now offer this to the industry.”

Designed to be used with Luxtron’s rugged Fluoroptic® fiber optic probes, the ThermAsset® monitor enables direct, real time, accurate measurement of transformer winding temperature; thereby providing valuable input to calibrate thermal models and enable dynamic load control. Unlike conventional winding temperature indicators that “infer” the hot spot by measuring top or bottom oil temperature, the drift-free, calibration-free nature inherent in the Fluoroptic® technology makes these systems ideally suited for use in transformers.

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Luxtron Corporation pioneered the field of fiber optic winding temperature measurement more than 20 years ago and today is the premier provider of direct, real time monitoring and control systems for the power utility industry. Based on Luxtron’s patented Fluoroptic® technology, these direct winding temperature measurement systems have evolved considerably from laboratory instruments to robust, industrial control systems ideal for monitoring transformers in geographically isolated locations. Luxtron’s ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities are located in Santa Clara, California. Luxtron continues to be at the forefront in developing robust, fiber optic systems to extend the life of power transformers.


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