Luz y Fuerza del Centro Begins DA Project

Following the successful completion of a KEMA Consulting feasibility study in May 2000, Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LYFC) has begun implementation of the first phase of a distribution automation project in Mexico. LYFC also has chosen KEMA Consulting to perform a second phase to assist with the implementation of this project.

The initial feasibility study resulted in a technical specification for an information system called “SIARED.” This system encompasses distribution management systems at LYFC’s distribution control centers, field devices and associated communication systems.

Work for the second-phase distribution automation project includes: assisting with procurement of the SIARED system at Pedregal Control Center, a call center, and an integrated outage management and crew management system; designing an architecture for integrating LYFC’s systems into a distribution management system; and recommending improvements to the distribution network to enhance its planning, design, and reliability.

LYFC distributes power to 5.3 million customers in the Mexico City metropolitan area and surrounding region with a system of more than 28,000 km of transmission and primary distribution lines, 130 substations and approximately 1,000 distribution primary feeders. The system has experienced a relatively high number of major faults and long outage times, and the utility has an aggressive plan to reduce these. The results of KEMA Consulting’s first feasibility study confirmed that distribution automation was cost justified at LYFC.

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