MAINMAN crane & hoist inspection promises to minimizes downtime and maximizes ROI

Springfield, OH, May 24, 2006 — MAINMAN crane and hoist inspection is a multi-point visual inspection of overhead lifting equipment supported by Konecranes proprietary software. Inspection results are delivered in a detailed report that can be hand delivered or accessed through the Internet. The reports alert customers of maintenance problems and points out areas that are not in compliance to OSHA standards.

All MAINMAN inspections are performed by trained inspectors who are certified to KCI-Masters standards. Konecranes inspectors undergo a comprehensive training program that involves over 8,500 hours of classroom and on-the-job training in industry-leading technologies on all makes and models of equipment.

MAINMAN customized reports capture data on the condition of hundreds of equipment components and satisfies regulatory requirements. Inspectors pinpoint safety and compliance issues and monitor critical items that can result in equipment down time. Recommendations for preventative maintenance are prioritized by safety conditions, production risks and inconsequential findings.

“Cranes are the workhorse in many industries,” says Mike Williams, vice president of Konecranes. “They undergo heavy stress and therefore require constant attention. The proven benefits of a regular maintenance program include improved up-time, increased safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness.”

The MAINMAN inspection services all makes of cranes and hoists and identifies equipment using either customer language or Konecranes ID system. Equipment that requires the most attention can be easily viewed for immediate action or budgeting.

Customers that are committed to a regular maintenance program can expect 10 to 20% savings on the lifetime expenses of equipment said a press release from Konecranes. The MAINMAN inspection service is designed to result in fewer safety failures, reduced production consequences and a steady increase in equipment reliability.

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