Market for building attached PV increases

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets issued a new report, “Building Attached Photovoltaics Markets,” that sees solid near-term opportunities for the building attached photovoltaic (BAPV) market, which will grow from $1.9 billion this year to a peak of $5.9 billion in 2017 before being surpassed by building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV).  

The report analyzes and pinpoints the opportunities that are likely to emerge in the BAPV market during the next few years. Opportunities in a series of forecast charts and tables are provided in value and volume terms. Volume shipments are forecast in area covered and MW shipped. Breakouts in the forecasts are provided by type of building, type of BAPV products, roofing and key absorber materials used. The report projects the nations and regions that will generate the most revenues for BAPV.

The report also addresses the kinds and parts of buildings for which BAPV products should be targeted and how BAPV manufacturers can make the best transition to the time when BIPV surpasses BAPV in market dominance. 


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