Massachusetts energy market offers opportunities for competition

For competitive suppliers seeking to gain market share in the region, recent rate hikes in both default and standard offer services indicate new opportunity. Energy Services Group, a provider of eCommerce Services for utilities and energy retailers operating in the Massachusetts retail natural gas and electricity markets, reports recent momentum in Massachusetts towards increased competition in the State’s energy markets. Massachusetts, one of the first states to deregulate their electricity market, has seen little activity from its 35+ registered competitive suppliers since deregulating in 1998, due to the low established standard offer and default service rates which were mandated as part of the deregulation process. According to statistics published by the State’s Department of Telecommunications and Energy, less than 5% of the state’s electricity load is provided by competitive suppliers.

New York, June 07, 2001 – Credit concerns are not nearly as grave for New York State utilities and public power authorities as they are for California utilities, says Moody’s Investors Service in a newly released report.

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