MGE’s Facility Solutions Alliance adds Capstone Turbine, PCP/Eltek and RLE Technologies

COSTA MESA, Calif., April 8, 2002 — MGE UPS SYSTEMS announced that its Facility Solutions Alliance (FSA), formed in March of 2001 to support mission-critical networks and facility operations with bundled power, environmental control and monitoring solutions, has received wide market acceptance and has posted more than $11 million in FSA partner product shipments during fiscal year 2001.

To capitalize on this growth and to offer an expanded product offering to customers, MGE welcomes the addition of Capstone Turbine, Power Conversion Products LLC, an Eltek company and RLE Technologies to the Facility Solutions Alliance.

MGE’s FSA is the first of its kind and offers a completely integrated, bundled equipment solution. The Alliance is comprised of the industry’s strongest companies, leaders in their own industries, together in one group to provide customers with a single point of contact for one-stop facility design, integration, purchasing and service — eliminating the daunting task of coordinating multiple suppliers, consultants, technical specifications, drawings, installations and accounting paperwork.

“The rapid growth of FSA is a solid testament to the fact that facility and IT managers want and need one integrated source for all their power, monitoring, environmental, service, integration and maintenance needs. We take on all the integration and specification headaches for our customers,” stated David Derambakhsh, MGE’s director for the Facility Solutions Alliance program. “The market response has been very positive and with our new partners coming on board, we’ll be able to offer our customers a more extensive line of ‘best of breed’ facility solutions.”

New to the Alliance, Capstone Turbine Corp., working in a development venture with MGE to integrate MGE’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) with its low-emission MicroTurbineà¢â€ž- systems over the past year, will now be a part of the Alliance in order to provide customers with reliable onsite power generation. Capstone’s MicroTurbines are supplements to large power plants and the electric grid.

Creating power onsite enables businesses to improve power reliability, add capacity, isolate themselves from power disturbances, and reduce their reliance and overall cost on expensive peak utility power. Applications include peak shaving, distributed generation, heat recovery or situations where emission and footprint requirements make application of traditional back-up generation undesirable or impossible.

Also joining FSA is, Power Conversion Products LLC, a North American subsidiary of Eltek Co. Power Conversion Products’ advanced switch-mode DC power systems and 48 Volt power plants are the ideal power solution for fiber optics, digital switching centers, microwave, cellular, PCS, high-speed data and other mission-critical applications. This partnership was a natural extension of the recently formed global joint venture, MGTEK Energy Systems. Eltek and MGE formed this venture in order to offer global customers turnkey AC and DC power solutions. Both Eltek and MGE enjoy strong brand recognition and global presence to respond to customers’ needs. Services of both companies are available through FSA.

RLE Technologies has also joined the Alliance, featuring its popular Falcon Remote Monitoring System which can monitor virtually any type of facility equipment. The Falcon is pre-programmed to interface with MGE products and monitors a variety of parameters and equipment including UPSs, generators, Precision HVAC, DC power plant alarms, temperature, humidity and many other important devices and systems including those offered by FSA. In addition, RLE’s complete line of Environmental Monitoring products, critical site monitoring and water leak detection products will also be available through FSA.

The following mechanical and electrical products and services are available through FSA and its partners: UPS systems, DC power solutions, environmental monitoring, power monitoring and management, diesel and natural gas generators, battery monitoring, precision air conditioning, transfer switches, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS), MicroTurbines, Low Voltage Switchgear, application integration and site monitoring services.

The MGE/FSA technical support group can assist customers in identifying the correct equipment for their given application whether it’s an addition to existing hardware or building entire systems from the ground up. In addition, representatives will work with contractors and/or facility engineers at customer sites to ensure proper equipment specification and installation. Once equipment and needs have been specified, equipment will be procured on a single order to ensure timely delivery. This overall single point of contact results in a streamlined procurement process, competitive pricing and priority delivery. In addition, the Alliance offers a wide range of financial options including purchase and/or lease programs.

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About MGE:
MGE UPS SYSTEMS is a global provider of power quality solutions designed to increase the availability and uptime of any mission-critical application or process. From desktop PCs to large Data Centers and telecommunication facilities to semiconductor manufacturing plants, MGE’s UPS product and service solutions are deployed around the globe.

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