Microsol introduces solution for automating switches

Microsol introduces the RCAM-P, the Pad Mount Switch Retrofit solution. The RCAM-P consists of switch actuator and integrated control and communications functionality in a single package.

RCAM-P is a motorized controller which is capable of being retrofitted to a wide range of existing Padmount switchgear. It can be integrated with existing and new Distribution and Feeder Automation SCADA Systems. This single automation package comes complete with SCADA protocols, automation capabilities, switch actuator and optional fault flow indication which enable faster fault location and the more effective use of repair crews.

RCAM-P has a number of distinct benefits for retrofitting automation to Pad mounted switches including

* SCADA Ready
* Cost Effective
* Retrofitting in less than one hour
* No outage time
* Eliminates the need to replace existing switchgear
* Integrated Automation capabilities ( IEC-6-1131 capable)
* DNP 3.0 & IEC 870 protocol support
* No modifications to switch cabinet

RCAM family

The RCAM family is made up of
* RCAM-P (Padmount)
* RCAM-A ( Poletop Airbreak)
* RCAM-E (Poletop Electrical)

Often, a Utility is forced to replace switchgear prematurely. The advantage of the RCAM family is that it can provide customized retrofit alternatives for switchgear which is currently considered not to be ‘automatable.”

About Microsol

Microsol is a global provider of Substation and Distribution Automation Solutions to the Utility Industry.

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