Midwest Utilities Explore Power Exchange Feasibility

Midwest Utilities Explore Power Exchange Feasibility

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), along with a number of other Midwest electric utility companies, independent power producers and alternative retail electric suppliers, is continuing the effort to determine how an Independent Power Exchange might work in this section of the country.

As part of this effort, a letter has been sent to potential designers, operators and consultants soliciting specific suggestions and ideas on how such an electricity exchange might be established and operated in the Midwest.

In November 1998, ComEd and Wisconsin Electric sponsored a day-long conference on the power exchange concept, which attracted more than one hundred participants. The introduction of competition to the electric utility industry has opened the door to marketing and trading electricity through regional exchanges and commodities trading centers. In September 1998, the Chicago Board of Trade launched trading in electricity futures contracts as part of the effort to deliver wholesale power into the ComEd and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) electricity systems.

The letter seeks information from market designers with experience in developing and operating power exchanges in Europe, Asia and Latin America as well as in the United States.

The solicitation letter requests information on computer hardware and software that is essential for the successful establishment and operation of a power exchange serving a large and diverse region of the country. Interested parties should respond to Robert Heller, ComEd at robert.heller@ucm.com.

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