Mincom and Utilities Alliance announce joint development for enhanced work management functionality

DENVER, CO, Feb. 4, 2002 — Mincom, Inc., a technology solutions provider to the utilities industry, and the Mincom Utilities Alliance announced plans today to jointly develop enhanced and expanded functionality for Mincom’s works management solution.

Mincom is already the global leader in maintenance-driven work management software applications. By continuing to invest in the streamlining of a utility’s business processes, Mincom will improve the works management functionality of Mincom Ellipse, its flagship product.

Rick Rogers, Mincom’s North American Vice President Utilities and Mining said the project would result in cleaner automation of a utility’s existing business processes.

“From the dispatcher in the central office to the maintenance technician in the field, Mincom’s enhanced and expanded works management solution will help utilities maximize the effectiveness of their workforces,” said Rogers.

The enhanced Mincom Ellipse solution will capture all labor costs, contractors costs, material/part costs, tools, equipment or rentals, and compatible unit packages within a customer’s request or a works project in real-time. The prevalence of up-to-date information will facilitate the monitoring of the actual cost of a work project in process. One Mincom customer estimated this superior oversight will save hundreds of work hours per year.

From an accounting perspective, the integrated link to the actual project’s costs and details will expedite a utility’s capitalization process and eliminate much of the duplicative accounting currently required by/for annual asset value accreditation.

“The value of this project lies in Mincom’s commitment to its existing customers to identify their best business practices and then build streamlined, enhanced and expanded functionality that will result in more efficient business outcomes,” Rogers added.

Gainesville Regional Utilities, Knoxville Utilities Board, Hawaiian Electric Company, and Cascade Natural Gas are participating to the joint development project.

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