MobileDataforce launches PointSync 3.0

Boise, ID, Jan. 9, 2006 — MobileDataforce Inc., a provider of rapid application development solutions for mobile environments (RADS-ME), announced the launch of PointSync 3.0, a complete system for developing and operating end-to-end mobile software applications on handheld computers that synchronize with in-house enterprise database applications.

PointSync 3.0 is a graphically-rich development environment that enables users to develop end-to-end mobile solutions with minimal coding required. Over 130 pre-built functions are packaged in PointSync. Programmer object models can be viewed graphically, and developers can also view applications in XML.

PointSync provides existing database application administrators the ability to quickly create a mobile client that can be used on handheld computers, and synchronized with existing database applications. Work order management, inspections, route and delivery, field sales, asset management and many other business processes can quickly be mobilized using PointSync.

The PointSync platform also offers everything required to mobilize an application in a single purchase. The end-to-end PointSync solution minimizes the challenges associated with trying to put a system together with a patchwork of products from multiple vendors.

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