Module brings IntelliTEAM functionality to the substation

July 26, 2002 — A new interface module for substation applications enables the substation relay and breaker to operate as part of an IntelliTEAM system, with full team-member logic and communications capabilities.

The IntelliTEAM Interface Module for Substation Applications is offered by EnergyLine Systems.

The IntelliTEAM Module contains all of the IntelliTEAM functionality and obtains all necessary information from the relay using DNP 3.0 protocol through its communications port.

IntelliTEAM now lets distribution switches and substation circuit breakers work together as a team and quickly transfer load to minimize the number of customers affected by a fault. The IntelliTEAM controls use true distributed intelligence and peer-to-peer communications to make their operating decisions.

The IntelliTEAM Module polls the substation relay for status and analog data, which is used for the IntelliTEAM process. The module exchanges information with the other team members as needed, via radio or fiber-optic link. All the fault interrupting decisions are still made by the substation relay.

After a fault interruption or loss of source occurs, the module operates the substation relay and breaker to restore as much of the feeder as possible.
The faceplate LCD display and scroll switches permit local, easy viewing of team status without the need of a portable computer.

A computer can be connected to the module and will allow use of EnergyLine IntelliLINK(r) software to view data, change setpoints, download logged data, and update the control software in the module. The DNP protocol and a radio, modem, or other device permits 2-way communication between the module and a SCADA master station.

Data logging capabilities facilitate analysis of breaker and team operations. Adjustable setpoints control most operating parameters such as automatic operation options, and address information.

Programming, setpoints and data are stored in permanent, non-volatile memory for maximum reliability. The crystal-controlled clock provides accurate time-stamping of real-time data.

For more information, please contact EnergyLine Systems at 1135 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda CA, 94501; Phone: (510) 864-6850; Fax: (510) 864-6860; e-mail:


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