Creep-FatiguePro is an automated, PC-based life consumption monitoring system for fossil power plant equipment. It computes and records life consumption rates and remaining service life in critical plant equipment based on actual plant operating conditions. Plants with components found to contain significant service-induced damage or cracks, and plants approaching the age at which service-related damage is expected (around 15 years) are candidates for the system. FatiguePro, a system for nuclear plants, is also available.

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    A system designed to monitor wet scrubber outlets for reactive gases has been designed. Series B12 Wet Gas Systems combine a standard 2-wire transmitter with a special sensor design to allow continuous monitoring in 100 percent RH air streams. Wet gas sensors used in this system are designed for direct insertion into air ducts or stacks. The systems are ideal for packaged chlorine scrubber systems, ozone destruct systems treating the off gases from ozone diffusion tanks, or scrubbers installed to remove acid gases from industrial processes.

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