Motorola Incorporates Wireless Public and Private Networks

Motorola Incorporates Wireless Public and Private Networks

Motorola`s Worldwide Data Solutions Division of the Land Mobile Products Sector recently announced a plan to incorporate public data networks into its wireless data portfolio with a communications offering called VersiTAC Integrated Wireless Data Solution. VersiTAC extends Motorola`s capability to provide a seamless, wireless offering across public and private networks, combining the advantages of both. This technology will enable enterprises to link up mobile workers with corporate intranets and central databases.

Motorola is currently working with ARDIS, Nextel, major Cellular Digital Packet Data network providers and others, and will announce agreements in the near future.

“VersiTAC extends Motorola`s leadership in total wireless data solutions on private networks to include public and integrated network technologies,” said Jamie Bader, Motorola`s Worldwide Data Solutions Division vice president and general manager. “VersiTAC provides the value and capabilities we have always delivered with our private data systems, while utilizing public networks as an additional platform.”

For organizations, such as public safety and utilities, with a geographically dispersed mobile work force that requires mobile data connectivity to mission-critical applications, VersiTAC will enable workers to seamlessly send and receive information via public and/or private data networks. Users can be connected through either network as appropriate.

Motorola will implement several pilots before the end of 1997 with availability in early 1998.

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