Native American corporation discloses power development strategy for 30 reservations

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 13, 2001 – Following some changes in management, the United Native Depository Corporation (UNDC) is discussing a power development strategy which will eventually include 30 tribal reservations.

UNDC, which has controlling interest in Focal Corp., announced their projected development plans for the worldwide market Thursday.

Included in the company’s plans is FOCAL & UNDC’s initiative, “Indigenous Power Development Strategy,” which will eventually involve 30 Native American tribal reservations. The power plants on Tribal sites range in sizes from 1 MW to 100 MW to implement not only their power stability, but to generate additional long term income to the tribes for future developments.

The Native American tribal reservation utilizing the 49.5 MW program at no cost to the tribes will receive income during the amortization period of the development, but will eventually become owners of 51% after debt service.

Under the indigenous strategic program, FOCAL & UNDC will construct and finance the total cost of the project on behalf of the tribes.

UNDC will pay a land lease payment percentage of the gross income until the end of the debt service, and transfer 51% ownership back to the tribe for their tribal long term future goals. The project cost for each 49.5 MW unit is $30 million with a project yield of $8 million per year average after debt service.

FOCAL & UNDC’s city municipality power plant projects have been received by various California cities as the key to local control and future stability during the energy crisis. UNDC’s program is to build, own, and operate captive power plants, at no cost to the cities.

The city energy program has been designed like the American Indian power plant program, allowing the cities to lease location sites for their city distribution of power to FOCAL, and receive royalty payments until the debt service has been recaptured. FOCAL, after maintaining the operation of the plant for about seven years, under their contractual program will transfer 51% of the ownership back to the local municipalities to increase their revenue income for future developments.

The FOCAL & UNDC program allows both parties to participate in direct community services, giving back to meet the needs of the cities, and their residents while at the same time insuring their energy needs, future growth needs, and local community energy control from third party participants. The project cost is $30 per 49.5 MW unit with a project yield of $8 per year for the city.

FOCAL & UNDC have entered into a tribal contract with Elem Pomo Indian Tribe to build a 250 MW Geothermal Plant located on tribal property in Northern California. UNDC has a contract with the oldest and largest geothermal resource consulting firm involved in every geothermal project within the United States, and provides due diligence reports exceeding $7 billion in the geothermal project financing market.

UNDC power plant division considers the tribal geothermal location to be the center of power energy now producing several major megawatt power plant projects within the geographic area. This location maybe one of the key elements within the future for long-term environmental friendly power source, and will help stabilize the crises facing California energy needs. The project cost is $110 million with a project yield of $12 million per year.

FOCAL & UNDC have just signed a letter of intent to acquire North American Machinery, Inc. (NAMI). NAMI is a power plant construction company that will enter into the construction contracts for the new proposed turbine-operated electrical power plants on Native American Reservations, and governmental municipalities throughout the western United States.

NAMI has worked with some of the largest power plant construction companies in the country, and plans on utilizing major contractors for the actual construction of these projects. With the acquisition of NAMI and its management experience, FOCAL & UNDC will be positioned in the market place to handle power plant construction jobs worldwide.

About Focal Corp.

Focal Corp. is a publicly traded company on the NASD Over the Counter Bulletin Board. The Company files its periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission which can be retrieved by going to the SEC website at

About United Native Depository Corp.

United Native Depository Corp. is a financial holding corporation organized under the laws of the jurisdiction of the Navajo Nation. UNDC is 100% owned by Native American members whose objective is to increase the economic well being of the indigenous population.

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