Natural Resource Group awarded Alaska pipeline contract

BP, ExxonMobil and Phillips have joined together to form the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team. The team is currently evaluating alternatives to determine the most efficient way to connect the natural gas supply in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska through Canada, with the lower-48 states. Partnering with URS Corporation, NRG will conduct a variety of environmental work for the Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team. This work will help to determine the project’s feasibility and the most appropriate pipeline route through a series of environmental studies, including wetland and cultural resource surveys. NRG will also prepare all federal license and permit applications for the proposed project, including the application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

WASHINGTON, May 29, 2001 – The Bush administration’s National Energy Policy (NEP) makes a positive and substantial contribution to the US national energy debate, says a report by PA Consulting Group, a management, systems and technology consulting firm.

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