NEMA offers safety information to hurricane ravaged areas

Rosslyn, VA, October 25, 2005 — In response to electrical hazards posed in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is offering free access to its brochure, Guidelines for Handling Water Damaged Electrical Equipment.

Designed for use by suppliers, installers, inspectors, and end users of electrical products, the document provides advice on the safe handling of electrical equipment that has been exposed to water. It outlines which items will require complete replacement or can be reconditioned by a trained professional. Equipment covered includes electrical distribution equipment, motor circuits, power equipment, transformers, wire, cable and flexible cords, wiring devices, GFCIs and surge protectors, lighting fixtures and ballasts, motors, electronic products such as signaling, protection, and communication systems, industrial controls, and cable trays.

The entire brochure has been incorporated into the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s manual, Principles and Practices for the Design and Construction of Flood Resistant Building Utility Systems, which is intended for developers, architects, engineers, builders, code officials, and homeowners who are involved in design and construction of building utility systems for residential and nonresidential structures.

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