Nov. 8, 2002 — NERC offers a summary of its most recent news for the month of October.

Phase One MISO and PJM Proposed Configurations Approved
The Operating Committee (OC) approved the request of the MISO and PJM to revise the boundaries of their respective reliability coordination areas, subject to the following conditions:

1. This approval only allows MISO and PJM to expand their Reliability Coordinator footprints to include their new members,
2. The approval does not include the expansion of PJM’s locational marginal pricing (LMP) mar-ket footprint or the commencement of MISO’s LMP market,
3. The approval is only the first stage of the ap-proval contemplated in the FERC Order issued on July 31, 2002,
4. MISO and PJM will revise and resubmit their reliability plans to NERC and the Regional Councils for approval prior to changing conges-tion management processes or expanding LMP markets,
5. MISO will update its reliability plan to match PJM’s plan with respect to PJM’s Attachment A, “Emergency, Voltage Stability, Voltage Col-lapse, and Restoration Protocols,” and
6. MISO will replace the word “transactions” with the phrase “energy flows” in Section J.1. of its Reliability Plan.

The Board of Trustees ratified the decision of the Operating Committee on November 4, and approved filing the report with FERC. For more information, go to: – Don Benjamin

New Standards Authorization Committee Elected
Fifteen industry representatives were elected to the Standards Authorization Committee (SAC) in October. SAC members were elected by their respective industry segments via electronic ballot and will serve a two-year term.

The SAC will oversee NERC’s stan-dards development process and ensure that standards are developed in a fair and open manner. The first SAC meeting will take place on November 20 in Dallas, immediately following the NERC standards conference. Please join us in welcoming the new SAC. Its members and their segments are listed below. – Tim Gallagher

Industry Segment

1 – Transmission Owners: Verne Ingersoll II – Carolina Power and Light, and Walter A. Johnson – Potomac Electric Power Corporation

2 – RTO/ISO/RRC: Linda Campbell – FRCC Staff, and Armando Perez -California ISO

3 – Load Serving Entities: Ronald G. Parsons – Alabama Power Company, and Harlow Peterson – Salt River Project

4 – Transmission Dependent Utilities: Ricky Bittle – Arkansas Electric Cooperative, and John Martinsen – Snohomish County PUD

5 – Electric Generators: Garl Zimmerman -Seminole Electric Cooperative, and Donald Norman – AEP Generation

6 – Electricity Brokers, Aggregators and Marketers: Linda Clarke – Excelon Generation Company, and Jim Stanton – Calpine Power Management

7 – Large Electricity End Users: John Anderson -Elcon, and James Rouse – Praxair Inc.

8 – Small End Users: Ryan Kind – Missouri Office of Public Counsel (other position is vacant)

9 – Federal, State, and Provincial Regulatory or other Government Entities : (both positions vacant)

Sign Up for the Reliability Standards Conference
NERC will host a Reliability Standards Conference on November 20 in conjunction with its standing committee meetings in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of this conference is to introduce the Registered Ballot Body and Standards Authorization Committee, present an overview of the NERC standards development process, discuss the NERC Functional Model and its relationship to the new standards, and review the status of proposed stan-dards under development.

Anyone interested in NERC standards development activities are encouraged to attend. For more information and to register, go to: –
Tim Gallagher

Planning Function Added to the Functional Model
The Planning Reliability Model Task Force (PMRTF) is developing the planning func-tions to be incorporated into NERC’s Functional Model. These planning functions in-clude resource and transmission planning functions along with overall planning authority functions. The resource planning function is considered a key activity of the load-serving entity (LSE) function and will likely be incorporated into the LSE definition.

The PMRTF is working with the Functional Model Review Task Force (FMRTG) to de-fine the planning functions. The FMRTG is also reviewing and updating the operational portions of the Functional Model. The updated model is expected to be posted for review and comment in early 2003. – Virginia Sulzberger

ESC and OSC Offer Technical Expertise to NERC and NAESB
The Electronic Scheduling Collaborative (ESC) and the OASIS Standards Collaborative (OSC) sent a letter offering their services as technical resources to NERC and NAESB. The ESC and OSC have been working on a consensus business practices document for use in implementing electronic scheduling and believe their organizations are well positioned to serve as an industry resource to help both NERC and NAESB develop workable standards for electronic scheduling that will meet both reliability and market needs.

All interested parties are welcome to attend meetings of the ESC and OSC. For more infor-mation, go to: or – Gordon Scott

Check Out the New Certification Web Page
NERC has developed a new web page for individuals seeking information on or wishing to apply for one of the NERC or Regional operator certification exams. The page is tied to the new database established to handle the four examinations currently offered in the NERC program. The database is also capable of handling the administration of the new PJM Operator Certification Program along with the WECC Operator Certification Pro-gram, which are both administered by NERC.

The new tool’s functionality allows a registered individual to apply for a new examina-tion in minutes and eliminates the need to complete an entire application for every ex-amination. The web page will also provide the user with an examination history to identify which examinations have been applied for, where the application is in the proc-ess, and when the individual was certified. This feature is especially important for indi-viduals who are required to have multiple credentials for both NERC and Regional programs.

A link to the Prometric testing center database has been added to the web page. This link will allow individuals to schedule their examination electronically instead of by tele-phone, allowing users to avoid additional wait time when call-center activity is high. To visit the new web page, go to: – Pat Everly

Continuing Education Program Update
The Personnel Subcommittee (PS) will present its proposed continuing education pro-gram, along with estimated startup costs, at the November OC meeting. The PS has worked hard to develop a continuing education program that will meet industry needs. The existing NERC System Operator Certification Program is central to the new pro-gram, and will give certified system operators an option to renew their existing NERC credentials using this program instead of re-testing every five years. Look for additional information about the program after the November OC meeting. – John Theotonio

GADS Workshop/pc-GAR User’s Meeting a Success
The GADS Annual Data Reporting Workshop and the pc-GAR User’s meeting were a success again this year. About 120 attendees learned the fundamentals of the GADS pro-gram. A large group also attended the pc-GAR meeting to learn how pc-GAR and GADS data can help improve generating plant operations. Copies of the presentations are avail-able at – Mike Curley

GADS Goes to the WEC
Mike Curley presented a summary of the IEEE 762 work and data collection processes in North America to the World Energy Council (WEC) Performance of Generating Plant (PGP) committee. One of the goals of the fossil working group is to start collecting unit-specific data on a worldwide basis. The PGP is working with NERC to develop a pro-posal for collecting the necessary data. – Mike Curley

Reliability Legislation
Reliability legislation remains pending in Congress. House and Senate conferees may take up a comprehensive energy bill that includes agreed-upon reliability provisions when they return from their election recess in mid-November.

This summary of news provided by NERC. For more information, including Questions & Answers about the NERC Standards Transition Project, visit

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