Net generation down slightly for first 3 months, EIA reports

August 30, 2002 — Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Electric Power Monthly report is now available on its Electricity page. The publication provides a monthly overview of the U.S. electric power industry. Topics include new generating units, net generation, consumption of fossil fuels, fossil fuel stocks, and retail sales of electricity.

The EIA announced in its monthly electricity review that during the first 3 months of the year, total U.S. net generation of electricity was 900 billion kilowatthours, 3 percent lower than in 2001.

Fifty percent of the generation was produced by coal-fired plants. This was followed by 22 percent from nuclear, 16 percent from gas, 7 percent from hydro, 2 percent from petroleum, and 3 percent from renewables.

Net Generation and Utility Retail Sales-March 2002

Net Generation
Total U.S. net generation of electricity was 302 billion kilowatthours, slightly below the amount reported in March 2001. Electric utilities generated 201 billion kilowatthours (67 percent of the total) and nonutility power producers generated 101 billion kilowatthours (33 percent of total generation).

At utilities, fossil fuels (primarily coal) accounted for 70 percent of net generation, followed by 21 percent from nuclear and 9 percent from renewable resources (including hydro). At nonutilities, fossil fuels (primarily gas) accounted for 70 percent of total generation, followed by 20 percent from nuclear, and 10 percent from renewables (including hydro).

Utility Retail Sales
Total sales of electricity to ultimate consumers in the United States were 267 billion kilowatthours, 2 billion kilowatthours below the amount reported in March 2001. The residential sector had sales of 97 billion kilowatthours, 4 percent more than the amount reported in March 2001. Retail sales in the commercial sector were 1 percent more than reported a year ago while sales in the industrial sector were 8 percent less than reported a year ago.

Utility Fuel Receipts, Costs, and Quality-February 2001

Receipts of coal at electric utilities totaled 57 million short tons, a decrease of nearly 1 million short tons from the level reported in February 2001. Data for several utilities were not available at the time of publication. In addition, data for Central Power & Light Company, Texas Utilities Electric Company, and West Texas Utilities are now included in the nonutility data section.

Petroleum and Gas
Receipts of petroleum totaled 2 million barrels, down nearly 8 million barrels from the level reported in February 2001. The transfer of plants to the nonutility sector, plus the omission of Hawaiian Electric Company from February 2002 data affected the comparison. Gas receipts totaled 98 billion cubic feet (Bcf), down from 114 Bcf reported in February 2001.

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