NeuCo Inc. and Applied Synergistics Inc. form cooperative agreement for sootblowing optimization

Boston, April 8, 2002 – NeuCo Inc., a provider of optimization solutions for the electric power industry, has announced a cooperation agreement with Applied Synergistics, Inc. (ASI), a provider of products and services that improve the performance of boiler cleaning, ash handling and combustion in coal fired utility boilers.

The agreement will result in the development of a customized and seamless interface between ASI’s intelligent sootblowing application, Boiler Cleaning Management SystemTM, and NeuCo’s ProcessLinkTM global optimization platform, so the sootblowing process can be managed to concurrently achieve unit and plant production, efficiency and emission targets.

Sootblowing is the process used to remove combustion by-product deposits from the heat transfer surfaces in fossil-fired boilers. ASI’s Boiler Cleaning Management System uses sensors, modeling and advanced controls to maintain cleanliness setpoints at key zones within the furnace and backpass, which results in lower heat rate, fewer sootblowing operations and mitigation of slag falls.

NeuCo provides a suite of optimization products that integrate into a common optimization software platform called ProcessLink. Linking ASI’s Boiler Cleaning Management System with NeuCo’s ProcessLink software through a seamless interface will enable cleanliness setpoints to be established in terms of unit- and plant-wide production, efficiency, and emission objectives. Together the technologies will optimize sootblowing operations in the context of overall plant and system objectives, which has not previously been possible.
“Integrating ASI’s sootblowing solution with NeuCo’s optimization software platform means that the sootblowing process can now be managed globally rather than locally, so optimal cleanliness targets can be identified,” said Paul Perrone, president of Applied Synergistics Inc. “We are pleased to bring our intelligent sootblowing offering to a new level by joining forces with the leading provider of plant global optimization software.”

“Teaming with ASI is consistent with NeuCo’s strategy of partnering with domain expert point solution providers to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive suite of optimization solutions,” said Curt Lefebvre, president and CEO of NeuCo, Inc. “Integrating closed-loop control over the sootblowing process is critical to our ability to optimize the overall operating efficiency of a generating unit.”

About NeuCo, Inc.
NeuCo is an optimization software company that helps electric power producers reduce emissions, perform more efficiently and improve enterprise-wide profitability. NeuCo’s suite of optimization products and underlying ProcessLinkTM technology architecture make it possible to optimize and integrate all the critical engineering, business and financial processes throughout a power generation enterprise. NeuCo is jointly owned by Charles River Associates (NASDAQ: CRAI), NSTAR’s (NYSE: NST) Advanced Energy Systems, Babcock-Borsig Power GmbH (BBP), and employees. More information about NeuCo can be found on the company’s Web Site at

About Applied Synergistics, Inc.
Applied Synergistics is a controls and service company that combines control technologies, advanced sensors and modeling to intelligently control sootblowing and ash handling in electric power plants. Applied Synergistics is a privately owned company located in Lynchburg, Virginia. More information can be obtained by contacting Applied Synergistics at 434-385-6102.

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