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ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 6, 2005 — AMETEK Power Instruments, a recognized leader in electric power measurement instrumentation, has introduced the CI-20 multi-function revenue meter. The CI-20 revenue meter is an affordable solid-state device designed specifically for commercial and industrial power users and complements AMETEK’s premier line of JEMStar generation and transmission revenue meters.

The new CI-20 meter is simple to configure and use with very powerful capabilities. The meter utilizes a large liquid crystal graphic display that allows it to display data, including metered values, health status, alarms and general operation, in a simple to navigate format. Its secure, menu-driven display provides quick and easy access to meter configurations, eliminating the need for encrypted warning codes and combinations of buttons to access certain features.

In addition, AMETEK has added a Windows®-based software configuration wizard that reduces configuration time, minimizes errors and permits easy installation of upgrades. The software wizard walks the user through the configuration step by step in a simple progression that builds the meter configuration file. There is a comprehensive help program available to answer users’ questions. These simple-to-use tools make it easy to build configurations without the need for comprehensive training classes.

Being simple to use does not mean the user has to give up powerful functionality, the CI-20 meter delivers high-accuracy measurements, site diagnostics, and multiple communications options to ensure maximum reliability.

It provides an impressive 0.15% accuracy on watt-hours. Per phase and system measurements are available for all energy and instantaneous readings. It comes with four channels of Load Profile that is upgradeable to 12 channels. Bi-directional Whr, VARhr and VAhr measurements are included as well as eight configurable TOU rates.

The meter is equipped with dual serial outputs or single serial output with Modem or Ethernet ports. A front optical port is standard. Support is provided for DNP, Modbus, ANSI Tables and MV90. Through its Installation Verification mode, the CI-20 displays per phase measurements and phase vectors. Once installed, the meter continuously checks operating conditions against pre-set thresholds with alarms triggered for local and remote notifications. The meter also is able to phone any number for quick notification of power outages.

The CI-20 meter also monitors and reports a site’s power quality conditions with sag and swell recording, THD, power factor, imbalance and frequency measurements. It has six channels that can be selected as configurable inputs or KYZ outputs. The inputs can be wetted through an internal isolated supply. With up to six configurable inputs, users can totalize a variety of measurements, providing a consolidated output.

Simple to use, yet powerful in its capabilities, the CI-20 meter bridges the gap between high-accuracy, multi-function meters with expensive price tags and more basic meters. Backed by AMETEK’s well-established reputation as a leader in electric power instrumentation, the CI-20 meter offers the most-cost effective metering solution for large commercial and industrial electric power users.

In addition to revenue meters, AMETEK offers a comprehensive line of power recording, measurement, and control instruments and sensor systems for gas turbine engines and industrial/utility boilers and burners.

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AMETEK Power Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with annualized sales of more than $1.2 billion.

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