New electronic shock absorber expected to give boost to wind farm

Honolulu, HI, Jan. 18, 2006 — Hawaiian Electric Co. Inc. (HECO) and S&C Electric Co. held a dedication at Lalamilo Wind Farm near Waikoloa in Hawaii to mark the installation of the first PureWave electronic shock absorber (ESA), a grid stabilizing device for wind farms.

“The wind conditions at Lalamilo are ideal location to test the first electronic shock absorber,” said Mike May, HECO president & CEO. “The PureWave ESA will demonstrate the potential for increasing the wind power that can be generated for a stand-alone electrical system as those we have on each island.”

“The PureWave ESA can provide short-term electrical energy storage and improve voltage support and overall stability of the transmission system,” said John W. Estey, president & CEO of Chicago-based S&C Electric Co.

In addition, for larger, interconnected grids, the ESA has significant potential to smooth out fast changing wind power outputs, called ramp rates.

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