New England has new energy hero on horizon

New York, NY, Dec. 5, 2005 — For the past few months there has been concerns across New England that the local power grid will face rolling black-outs due to weather-induced instability in the natural gas and electricity markets. As it has done in New York City for the past four years, ConsumerPowerline (CPLN), a for-profit energy consumer advocacy organization, will be bringing its energy conservation, efficiency and distribution expertise to New England to help alleviate stresses on the power grid by selling excess electricity back to the market in times of crisis.

CPLN is entering New England due to the regional independent system operator’s (NEISO’s) request for help that was issued by the ISO’s Demand Response Working Group, on November 2nd, 2005. ConsumerPowerline immediately registered to provide system relief. Last week, the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL) Membership Committee voted to admit the firm. ConsumerPowerline will be working with some of the region’s largest energy consumers to prepare for and mitigate against a potential looming winter electricity crisis, fed by hurricane-induced supply shortages and price hikes.

ConsumerPowerline works by negotiating with local and regional power authorities for capacity energy savings for its clients, sells the extra energy supply back to the independent operators and then splits the revenue with its clients. The client does not pay ConsumerPowerline for its services, but benefits from real-time data on electricity pricing, enabling them to “buy and sell smart” in the volatile energy sector. They also receive what amounts to free ongoing “energy audits” from the energy advocate, where company experts advise on how to make the facility more energy efficient.

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