New features added to the S&C IntelliTEAM II System

CHICAGO, July 11, 2005 — With S&C’s innovative IntelliTEAM II System, your distribution system is partitioned into sections called “teams”. If a team loses power, either because of a source outage or a fault, IntelliTEAM II uses the excess capacity of an adjacent team to supply the load. IntelliTEAM II typically completes service restoration in under a minute. Two new features have been added:

Real-Time Feeder Loading. Before IntelliTEAM II can restore power to a team, it determines if the adjacent team has sufficient reserve capacity to supply the additional load. Reserve capacity is calculated from real-time current measurements sensed just prior to the outage. A DNP-equipped RTU or SCADA device monitors feeder loading at the source breaker; this data is used to calculate the actual feeder capacity. Such real-time measurement is much more accurate and timely than feeder capacity calculated from historical loading information.

Analog Deadbanding. Communication traffic can be significantly reduced by deadbanding analog parameters. The deviation threshold can be set as a fixed value or a percentage of the reference value. When the analog value has changed more than the deviation threshold, the new value is reported via SCADA, and the reference value is set to the reported value.

These new features are available to all IntelliTEAM II users as a free software update at the S&C Automation Information Center. Utilities with S&C 5800 Series Automatic Switch Controls, or “original” IntelliTEAMĀ® Systems, can purchase a software upgrade that will install the IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System on their existing controls.

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