New guide covers rapidly changing world of distributed generation

As the energy market restructures into a significantly more competitive industry, many energy companies are considering distributed generation (DG) as a part of a new customer-focused corporate strategy.

DG can be used defensively to retain existing customers by increasing their level of satisfaction with their current energy supplier or in an offensive mode to capture new retail markets otherwise unavailable to utility providers.

Next to the concept of merchant power plants, distributed generation is perhaps the fastest-changing area of electric power generation.

A new book offered by the PennWell book store provides a nontechnical overview of this topic.

The book is written by bestselling industry author Ann Chambers, with help from Stephanie Hamilton and Barry Schnoor. In addition to those working directly in the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors of the electric power industry, the book is targeted to those manufacturing boilers, furnaces, turbines, and generators, and contractors who assemble power plants on-site. It covers combustion turbines and microturbines, fuel cells, and renewable sources of distributed generation.

The book also delves into issues financial/political surrounding DG, including technical application of the technology, project financing, and utility perspectives.

Ann Chambers, a senior research analyst for Williams Energy Marketing & Trading, is also the author of PennWell’s “Power Primer,” “Natural Gas & Electric Power in Nontechnical Language,” “Power Industry Abbreviator,” “Power Industry Dictionary,” and “Power Branding.”

Chambers formerly served as editor and writer for “Power Engineering” and “Power Engineering International” magazines for PennWell, and as managing editor for the company’s “International Electric Power Encyclopedia.”

Barry Schnoor served as a plant engineer in the Navy and a power plant superintendent at the University of Virginia. Stephanie L. Hamilton directs a micro-turbine generator testing and assessment program for a major utility.

The book is available online from PennWell’s book store at For more information, call 1-800-752-9764 or e-mail

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